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November 2016 Archives

Obstacles to automated trucking

Colorado residents may have read about the ongoing development of autonomous trucks. In a report released in November, the American Transportation Research Institute indicated that these technological advances will have a dramatic impact on the trucking industry. While the wide-scale introduction of automation may be a reason of concern for workers in the industry, the ATRI stresses that truck drivers will continue to have a major role. In fact, humans will still be required in truck cabs for a variety of reasons, including troubleshooting the technology.

You can drive more safely in snowy conditions, but will others?

Welcome to blizzard and black ice season! We've just been slammed with our first big storm, resulting in numerous traffic accidents and at least two deaths. There was a 15-vehicle pileup on I-70, which sadly isn't that unusual in a major snowstorm. Cars slide off the road, large trucks can't brake in time and whether you have all-wheel drive or not, you can easily end up in a crash.

DOT says truckers still can't use marijuana

Truckers in Colorado and elsewhere will have to abstain from using marijuana according to a statement from the Department of Transportation. The DOT said that truck drivers would be forbidden from using the substance as long as it remained a Schedule I drug under federal law. On Nov. 8, four more states voted to make marijuana legal.

How to safely share the road with tractor-trailers

It's important to be as safe as possible when sharing busy highways with tractor-trailers. Motor vehicle accidents can occur when drivers of passenger cars are not aware of the unique risks of driving near larger vehicles. Tractor-trailer drivers have to deal with certain limitations that other drivers don't. Learn about these driving conditions and how you can be a safer driver around tractor-trailers.

Government requires electronic monitoring of semi trucks

Many Denver-area residents commute to work on interstate highways, which makes preventing semi truck accidents a primary safety priority. A federal mandate will require most big rigs to have electronic logging devices installed by December 2017, but it has received a lot of criticism from the trucking industry.

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