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Posts tagged "Motorcycle Accidents"

Types of injuries suffered by motorcyclists

Colorado motorcyclists are likely aware that riding their choice of vehicles can be particularly dangerous, especially if they fail to wear all of their safety gear. However, safety gear is bulky and sometimes uncomfortable. As such, some motorcyclists decide to stop wearing certain pieces of gear even though it puts them at risk.

Motorcycle crash statistics demonstrate dangers

Many Colorado residents enjoy riding on motorcycles, but doing so brings added risks of being injured or killed in accidents. Motorcyclists face much greater risks of suffering catastrophic injuries when they are involved in collisions because they have little to protect them from the physical forces that are released in crashes.

Motorcycle Safety Month celebrated in May

Winter driving is largely limited to four-wheeled vehicles like passenger cars and trucks. But now that the weather has gotten warmer and the daylight hours are increasing, there is a greater variety of vehicles on Colorado roads. This includes bicycles and motorcycles.

Colorado's traffic accident statistics for 2015 do not look good

Motor vehicles of all types are safer today than ever before - at least in terms of design. For this and other reasons, it is difficult to reconcile the fact that traffic fatalities across Colorado increased by 10 percent last year. According to preliminary 2015 data from the Colorado Department of Transportation, there were 545 traffic accident fatalities on state roads last year.

Treating road rash after a motorcycle accident in Denver

Our Denver readers know that motorcycle accidents can be deadly. In fact, in many accidents that involve collisions between motorcycles and other vehicles on the road, it can seem like a miracle whenever a motorcyclist is able to walk away. But, in most cases, even when riders survive a motorcycle accident, they have injuries that require medical treatment. One of the most common injuries that motorcyclists suffer from is road rash.

NHTSA data shows dangers of motorcycle accidents

In our last few posts, we have talked about a couple of important topics. Most recently, we talked about the increasing dangers of driving in the year 2015; and before that, we talked about some ways that drivers can keep an eye out for motorcycles on the road. Motorcyclists are inherently at more risk of injury in accidents than most other people out on the road, after all.

Motorcycle accidents more injurious and fatal than other crashes

The scenic roads and highways throughout Colorado are a huge draw for motorcyclists - both locals and tourists. And while some of these roads can be dangerous in and of themselves, most seasoned riders know how to traverse them safely. The far greater danger that motorcyclists face is one that they have little control over: Drivers of cars and trucks.

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