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4 tips to drive safely in Colorado winter weather

Wet weather conditions can be deadly for motorists. For example, five Colorado motorists died in separate weather-related crashes in the same day recently. No matter if it is raining, snowing or the roads are icy, Colorado gets its fair share of hazardous conditions. Avoiding accidents and personal injury is possible when you follow some safety tips.

Handling a road rage situation

According to AAA Foundation, nearly 80 percent of drivers experience road rage or significant anger behind the wheel. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration considers several types of behavior to be road rage, in particular when a vehicle operator commits traffic offenses that can put people or property in danger, or when a driver or passenger uses a car or other vehicle as a weapon against other vehicles on the road. Road rage is considered a criminal offense, as opposed to aggressive driving, which is a simple traffic offense.

The most common truck driver errors that contribute to accidents

Accidents involving trucks are often caused by truck driver errors. Impaired truck drivers take unnecessary risks, make poor judgments and react slowly to traffic dangers. If you are injured in a trucking accident, you should look into the role of the driver and trucking company in the situation. Learn about the most common errors made by truck drivers.

5 tips to safely share the road with large vehicles

You might not think about it, but sharing the road with semi-trucks and large commercial trucks can be risky. These vehicles weigh a lot more and take a lot longer to stop than cars or motorcycles. Their maneuverability limitations and size can make them dangerous and even deadly. Follow these safety tips when sharing the road with semi-trucks.

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