7 Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Attorney

Sep 16, 2021

After a car accident, what do you do next? First, you should receive medical attention and contact your insurance company. But then what? Even if you believe you were partially at fault, you should reach out to an experienced car accident law firm. You don’t want to face other attorneys or insurance companies on your own. An experienced car accident attorney can help you understand your case and help you receive fair compensation.

But how do you know which car accident attorney is right for you? It can be difficult to sort through multiple law firms and decide who will be most effective at handling your specific case. However, by asking the right questions early on, you’ll have a much clearer idea of who can best represent your case. In this blog, we review the best questions to ask a car accident attorney, questions everyone should ask before agreeing to representation.

Here at the Paul Wilkinson Law Firm, we are dedicated to defending the rights of anyone involved in a personal injury accident. Whether you were in a car accident, truck accident, pedestrian accident, or motorcycle accident, we can help you understand your case, estimate its full value, and represent your interests in court.

Even if you believe that you’re partially at fault, give our team of experienced attorneys a call. We’ll do everything it takes to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

Questions to ask Your Car Accident Attorney

7 Questions to Ask Your Car Accident Attorney

When asking yourself, do I need an attorney for a car accident, it can be tempting to select the first car accident attorney you come across. Whether it’s a flashy commercial, an eye-catching billboard, or a professional website, you may simply want to choose one and move on from this important decision. But you shouldn’t. Choosing the right car accident attorney for your case is essential for the success of your case. Choosing a lawyer who doesn’t have the right experience, necessary resources, or adequate communication can end up costing you time and money (and a few headaches along the way).

That’s why you need to be intentional when selecting your car accident lawyer. One way to do so is by asking the right questions early on. Here are some of the most important questions to ask a car accident attorney you are looking to hire for your case.

1. What is your legal specialty?

For someone who has never worked with a lawyer before, you may assume that lawyers handle all types of cases. However, this isn’t quite how the legal system works. Most lawyers specialize in particular fields, such as criminal defense law, tax law, family law, or tort law. Tort law, also known as personal injury law, includes attorneys who specialize in car accidents. They often also represent other types of personal injury cases, including truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and bad faith insurance claims.

2. What is your legal experience?

While this question may be answered by a quick internet search, you should directly ask your potential attorney about their legal experience. In most cases, you’ll want a car accident lawyer with extensive years of experience, ensuring they have the resources and knowledge to give you the best chance of winning your suit. You should also inquire whether or not they have experience representing cases similar to yours.

3. Who will handle my case?

Before agreeing to work with a certain car accident law firm, clarify who will handle your case and represent your interests. Larger firms often handle multiple cases at a time, and your case may be given to an associate attorney or worked on by multiple attorneys. You may not always be represented by the head of the firm or the lawyer you initially speak to.

4. What are your communication expectations?

Communication is key for the success of any relationship — selecting the right car accident lawyer is no different. There is no one “right” way for an attorney to communicate with their client, but they should always be attentive, consistent, and respectful.

Ask about their communication style and see if it fits with what you envision in this legal relationship. How often will they keep you informed on the status of your case? How involved do they expect you to be? Who will be reaching out to you, and how often are they available to answer your questions?

5. How long do you think my case will take?

While every case is unique, your car accident attorney should be able to give you a rough estimate of how long your case will take to resolve. Some personal injury suits resolve quickly, within a matter of weeks, while others drag out for well over a year. Knowing your case’s timeline will help you understand the legal process and help curb your anxiety over when to expect results. Again, this comes down to proper communication between yourself and your potential car accident attorney.

6. Do you think I have a strong case?

No car accident lawyer can promise that you’ll win your case. In fact, if they do, this should be an immediate red flag. While no case is guaranteed to win, your car accident attorney should be able to provide an honest assessment of the strength of your case. This is where their experience on similar cases becomes especially valuable.

7. What are your attorney fees?

While you may hesitate to ask about costs upfront, you shouldn’t. It’s important to know what to expect when it comes to attorney fees and how much their representation will actually cost. Many personal injury lawyers will work on contingency fees, meaning they only receive a payment if you win your suit.

Conclusion- 7 Questions to ask your car accident attorney

Being involved in a car accident is a frightening and confusing experience. After receiving medical attention and contacting your insurance company, many individuals may not be sure what to do next. They might ask, “Do I really need a car accident attorney?” The simple answer is yes. There’s no reason you should go it alone when you’ve been in a car accident.

But choosing the right car accident attorney may not be as simple as it seems. There are certain questions you should ask before hiring a car accident attorney that, in the long run, will save you both time and money. Ensure your car accident attorney has extensive experience (especially on cases similar to yours) and a winning track record. You should also determine their communication style, who will handle your case, and whether or not they’re prepared to take your case to trial if needed.

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, don’t wait a moment longer to reach out to an experienced personal injury attorney in Denver. We can help you understand your case, assess its true and full value and, if needed, fight for you in court.

When you Call Paul, you’ll receive immediate attention and the support of our full resources. We’ll meet with you on your schedule to begin learning about your case, researching key details, and assessing your options. At the Paul Wilkinson Law Firm, we operate on a contingency fee basis. What does this mean? Essentially, we only get paid if you do. That’s how confident we are in our services.

Contact us at the Paul Wilkinson Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping you receive the justice you deserve. For more information, call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week at (303) 333-7285.

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